Dark Eternal v2.0 Development Update

Originally this major update was supposed to be released at the end of 2021, but for multiple reasons the release window will have to be revised to summer 2022. Increased workload at the day job is the biggest factor, but in addition to that I have also decided to significantly expand the scope of the release.

Originally, v2.0 was going to be these major changes:

-Four new levels in Chapter 2 (2 for each party)

-New Limit Breaks and transformations

-New Weapon System

-New and Revised Essences

-Map Mechanics affected by game difficulty

-Expanded NG++ content

Now, in addition to the above, v2.0 will include the following:

-Major UI improvements for both the overworld and battle system.

-Improved animations for the overworld.

-Chapter 1 & 2 are getting soft reboots.

-Extended (True) Ending for those who complete the game on hard difficulty or higher.

-Significant balance changes across the board

While some of these additions will be very time consuming, I believe it's worth it overall and will get the engine in an overall state that will make the remaster of Dissolution easier and quicker to accomplish in the future.

Note: Soft reboot will include revised storyline, dialogue, and level design as well as new weapons, equipment and essences. Existing content will still feature the same locations, characters, and overall structure as they did before.

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